General Information
Homeworld Euska (Hum-41) Paradise
Biological Information
Lifespan 250 years
Reproduction Sexual; give live birth
Average Height 9 to 13 foot tal
Feeding Behavior omnivorous
Eye Color blue
Lineage Information
Ancestor(s) Saber toothed Ursinids
Cultural Information
Alignment Good
Personality Very friendly, Very Gentle, very docile
Sociocultral characteristics
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Euska (Paradise and Hum-41)
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Subphylum Vertebrata
Order Carnivora
Suborder Caniformia
Family Ursidae
Other Information
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a half clothed Ursinthere.

Blue+background copy 19

An Ursinthere's size compared to that of a Lupinian

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Ursintheres are a huge species of Bear that was domesticated by Lupinians on Paradise.

the Ursinthere was one of the largest types of Bear ever to have existed.

Description Edit

Like bears, Ursintheres are plantigrade. They distribute their weight toward the hind feet, which makes them lumbering when they walk.

Like their Lupinian tamers, Ursintheres are immune to cancer, alcohol, rabies, malaria, ebola and tuberculosis.

Ursintheres have longer memories, stronger sense of smell and a longer lifespan than Lupinians.

Like Humans and Lupinians, Ursintheres have an omnivorous diet and unlike dogs, they don't get sick while eating spicy things.

Like Lupinians, the Ursinthere's favourite alcoholic drink is beer and most Ursintheres drink beer more than Lupinians do.

Due to their gentle, friendly, intelligent and docile temperament, Ursintheres were used mounts and family pets by Lupinians and Humans.

Relations with Lupinians and Humans Edit

Ursintheres enjoy being with Lupinians and Humans because they have a Reputation for being friendly, gentle and docile beasts which allow themselves to be petted, slept with, their big bellies being caressed, being ridden on, live with Lupinians and Humans and work with them. In Thermal Baths for Humans, Lupinians and Beasts alike, Ursintheres relax as they bathe, they sat and lie down to be massaged at their backs, their bellies, their heads, their under paws, arms, necks and chests and they relax at Hammams and Saunas. Ursintheres have a huge appetite but wouldn't mind being petted and share their food, they often enjoy Beer, Wine and Honey.

Ursintheres show great loyalty with Lupinians as they were considered sacred, precious and vital to them that the Lupinians instead of Treating them like what the Humans did to the Elephants, the Lupinians treated the Ursintheres very well like their Children.

Biology Edit

Before having cubs, Ursintheres hibernate for five Months to fatten less even they don't mind Lupinians and Humans sleeping with them.

After 5 months of Hibernation, Male and Female Ursintheres mate with each other and Female Ursintheres give birth to one or 4 Children. Ursinthere youngsters are greatly cared by their mothers, fathers, Lupinians, Humans and even beasts of different species.

Ursinthere Children have the size of bears until they reach until adulthood in the age of 16.

The average lifespan of an Ursinthere is a 250 years.

Ursintheres usually feed on Plants, cooked meat, fruits, Bread, Honey, Fish, Nuts, leaves and Homo-Lupo Cuisine and drink Beer, Water, Wine and Whiskey.

Despite the Frightening size for a bear, Ursintheres are generally and commonly very Gentle, Friendly, Docile, Loyal, Obedient, hard-working and very kind beasts.

Ursintheres have a sense a smell so greater than their Lupinian tamers, that they can smell food, smell something miles away and smell in curiosity, if friendly, the Ursintheres lick.
Snip20181109 2 2

Three-toed Blue bellied black Ursinthere

Subspecies Edit

The Majority of Ursinthere Subspecies have five toes on each paw except for the Three-toed Blue Bellied Black Ursinthere but has the Same DNA and Diet like Many Ursintheres do
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purple bellied brown Ursinthere

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a half-clothed Three-toed Blue bellied black Ursinthere

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A red backed Ursinthere


An Ursinthere's size compared to a Tolearic being

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A White Ursinthere

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A half-clothed Ursinthere

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