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General Information
Universe Final Fantasy
  • Tonberi
  • Dinglberry
  • Pug
  • Homeworld Unknown
    Environment Caverns
    Intelligence Non-sapient
    Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
    Biological Information
    Average Height 3'
    Locomotion Bipedal
    Feeding Behavior Unknown
    Lineage Information
    Cultural Information
    Alignment Neutral
    Personality Aggressive
    Sociocultral characteristics
    Scientific Taxonomy
    Planet Gaia
    Domain Eukaryota
    Kingdom Animalia
    Subkingdom Eumetazoa
    Infrakingdom Bilateria
    Superphylum Deuterostomia
    Phylum Chordata
    Subphylum Vertebrata
    Infraphylum Gnathostomata
    Superclass Tetrapoda
    Class Amphibia
    Subclass Labyrinthodontia
    Superorder Batrachia
    Other Information
    Status Endangered

    "Everyone who has fallen... all their hate... IS YOURS!"
    — Tonberry, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

    Tonberries are a species of diminutive, sapient cave-dwelling salamanders. Although their homeworld is not known definitively, they appear the same on each planet they have been found upon, indicating that they have reached a pinnacle stage of evolution where they have not had to evolve for at least several thousands of years, similar to crocodylians and sharks.


    Tonberries have smooth, green skin that terminates in a rounded head. Their mouth is situated within a small snout and their yellow eyes likely help them see in the dark to some extent. Despite being salamanders by design, Tonberries have developed a caudal fin that is superficially similar to those of fish. Although giants amongst their kind are not unheard of, average Tonberries reach around 3' in height.

    Tonberries are nearly always slow-paced, taking their time to stalk their intended victims. However, reports of swift Tonberries have also been reported. Despite seeming to be relatively stable-footed, wielding larger weapons instead of a simple knife can cause them to clumsily stumble, leaving them vulnerable to attack.


    Tonberries live in very small communities, yet more often than not are encountered alone. As a society they are ruled over by one of three ranks: Masters, which somehow have star-shaped objects floating over their head (and therefore presumed to be a sort of Tonberry magician); Kings, whom wear crowns upon their heads; and Dons.

    Tonberries are a hateful sort, being filled with a substance known as "rancor", which causes them to enter a rage and leading them to commit terrible acts against other species. They also grow to resent those who have slain any of their kind.

    They are always seen wearing dark brown, hooded cloaks and carry both an oil lantern as well as a butcher knife. They are known for several techniques:

    1. Chef's Knife: Does massive, if not fatal, damage.
    2. Deep-Seated Grudge: After a build-up, restores one's own HP and does damage proportionate to the amount of HP lost during the battle.
    3. Everyone's Grudge: Does damage based upon how many enemies have been slain.
    4. Karma:
    5. Lore Traveler: Does damage based upon the number of steps taken by a group of adventurers.
    6. Murderous Thrust: Does damage while ignoring Vitality stat.
    7. Teleport: Allows Tonberry to avoid attacks and close in upon their foes.
    8. Voodoo: Does massive damage to summoned Aeon.

    Background history[]

    The Tonberry people are what remains of the ancient Kuluu and Nymian civilizations that was heavily mutated through the usage of intense magicks. The Nymians were transformed into their monstrous forms thanks to the Green Death. These were released from the crystals during the "Meltdown" event that nearly destroyed the entire planet of Vana'diel. Perhaps thanks to the isolation and subsequent prejudice that they have held against the other races, they are a biased species, though evidence also supports that they are instead influenced by a king, and his defeat can cause his brood to revert to a friendly nature. They are also honorable despite their dishonorable nature, and saving one's life will indebt it to you out of sheer gratitude. Particularly spiteful Tonberries are not above advertising their desire for revenge, leading to some of their kind to occasionally post up notices requesting aid.