General Information
Universe Utopia
Homeworld Unknown, though likely close to Antares III
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Energy-based lifeform
Biological Information
Average Height 1-6 meters (3.28-19.68 ft)
Locomotion Spheres: Roll
Cloud: Float
Other Shapes: Scoot
Distinctive Features Form smooth, geometric shapes
Lineage Information
Cultural Information
Personality Aggressive
Organization Geometric shapes and piles
Language(s) Written-only language similar in syntax to Humans
Capital City Likely none; pattern-cities periodically change shape and involve no actual structures
Sociocultral characteristics
Scientific Taxonomy
Other Information
Status Data Deficient

The Squiz-Quijy are a species of strange sapient organisms indigenous to an unknown world, though they were known to have been found on Antares III in an attempt to colonize it. It can be assumed that they originate from a planet in nearby space.


The Squiz-Quijy are an energy-based lifeform that is naturally seen forming geometric shapes such as cubes, pyramids, spheres, cones, et cetera that range between 1-6 meters high, often stacked one upon another in patterns that stretch as far as the eye can see. These shapes appear to be perfectly smooth and have no visible joins. From the air these patterns are seen to join to form other patterns on an even larger scale, roughly 1 kilometer across. Even with this patterning and stacking, one could have ample space to drive a tank between each and every shape with the gaps between shapes remains exactly the same, no matter where one would go in the city..

These shapes are capable of movement and are known to move around and group to form new patterns. A few Human vehicles were reported to have been crushed on Antares III during colonial efforts when sphere-shaped Squiz-Quijy rolled over them. These spheres are a weaponized form of the species and it can move forward at ever-increasing speeds to crush opposition.

They communicate either by direct physical contact, or by a weird whistling in the ultrasound range. However, the internal structure or how they move without altering their precise shape is not understood by Human researchers.

Further investigation shows that some of them can mutate themselves into a cloud of energy that can move freely along the ground or through the air. This may be their true state, and in this form they can utterly destroy Human vehicles sent at them.


Little is understood about Squiz-Quijy culture, at least by Humans. What is known is that some Squiz-Quijy take on the role of archivists. These blocks are responsible for recording their history upon their own bodies by having markings on their surface to form a sort of writing system that has remarkably similar in syntax to those of Humans. Known encounters with this writing have been translated to mention how crowded they consider their city to be and how gregarious the people are.

Squiz-Quijy Vaporize

A pair of Squiz-Quijy piles vaporize a plane.

Squiz-Quijy Beam

A particle beam targeting a Human colony.

The species is aggressive in nature and it is recorded that Squiz-Quijy colonists attacked Human colonists who showed up on the same planet without intentional provocation. While they possess no physical weaponry, they have their spherical attack form, as well as an even deadlier method of striking: Certain shapes will gather into a pile with a small gap formed into one side that will point towards an enemy location. They can then use this focal point to fire a particle beam to vaporize the foe.

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