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Attack Rating: Unknown
Defense Rating: Unknown

The Spinefish is a scorpionfish found in the shallow seas surrounding Egypt. Although certainly related to other scorpionfish, it is not related to any of the other species encountered by Sphinx during his quest to stop the evil Set of Castle Uruk.

Their deceptively beautiful display fins hide deadly poisonous spines which it uses to fend off would-be aggressors. The Spinefish is an extremely territorial animal and is commonly used by the upper classes in their defensive moats.

The creature is first encountered by Sphinx within the shallow seas around Heliopolis while he sought his master, soon after discovering Horus' survival. Unable to defend himself against them, he was forced to keep his distance from them lest they attack. He then encountered one swimming in the moat of the Mayor of Abydos. Again he was forced to avoid direct conflict with the creature. Not long after however he gained a technique to fight the creatures and was able to kill them at his own discretion.

Although Capture Beetles are unable to survive in water and therefore are impossible to capture by this conventional method, even for the resourceful Sphinx, he is relieved to see that the Abydosian Museum already has one on display upon his arrival.