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[1] Planets were species that existed in an upcoming 2021 series, Doshi: Planet Edition


Planets were round entities that enjoys hanging around in cities and various countries. Planets are mammalians and quite share many traits with humans. Jovians have the abilities to have rings, which passes from ne generations to another to the mother. Earths have water in the outside and (possibly) inside. Planets turn absurd and aggressive when infected with rabies. Planets are viviparous, meaning they give birth. Their organs were kept in the core. They are in danger with containment and possible death from overhunting. The containment problem came from a facility known as Planet Containment Service who believed planets were aggressive and hunts down everything. But Doshi then told the truth and debunked the P.C.S' theory that planets were miserably infected with rabies, but the P.C.S ignores. Planets were connected with nature and grew up with them, especially Earths.

  1. Planets
    General Information
    Universe Earth
    Aliases Terrestrials, Jovians
    Classification Wakusei Galactus
    Species Type Planet-Like entity
    Homeworld Earth
    Environment Any
    Intelligence Sapient
    Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
    Discovered 2017
    Discoverer ???
    Biological Information
    Lifespan 1-300
    Reproduction Sexual Reproduction
    Average Height Size of an adult human (Jupiters)

    Size of a 5-year-old toddler (Mercuries)

    Average Weight 35-3000 lbs
    Average Length 34-67
    Average Width 34-67
    Locomotion Bipedal
    Feeding Behavior Omnivorous
    Prey Cows, Chicken, Sheep, Fish, most likely pigs
    Distinctive Features Round-shaped bodies and no ears
    Eye Color Varies
    Skin Color Brownish-grey (Mercuries)

    Orangish-yellow (Venuses) Blue with Green lands (Earths) Reddish-Orange (Marses) Stripes of Orange with Red spot (Jupiters) Yellowish-Brown (Saturns) Baby Blue (Uranuses) Navy-Blue (Neptunes)

    Lineage Information
    Ancestor(s) Terrasaurus

    Solar System

    Subspecies Hybrid planets

    Minor planets

    Descendant(s) Dwarf Planets
    Related Species Homo sapiens (modern humans)
    Cultural Information
    Alignment Good
    Personality Varies
    Language(s) English

    Korean Chinese Japanese Planetese

    Capital City Planet-Fornia

    Rio Belt

    Leaders Sun
    Sociocultral characteristics
    Members Mercury

    Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

    Scientific Taxonomy
    Planet Earth
    Domain Eukaryota
    Superphylum Deuterostomia
    Phylum Chordata
    Subphylum Vertebrata
    Infraphylum Gnathostomata (Jawed vertebrates)
    Superclass Tetrapoda
    Class Mammalia
    Subclass Theriiformes
    Infraclass Holoteria
    Superorder Archonta
    Order Galaxieus (Prime Planets)
    Suborder Haplorhini
    Infraorder Simiiformes
    Superfamily Wakuseiihoa
    Family Wakuserii
    Subfamily Wakuseruu
    Genus Wakusei
    Species W. Galactus
    Race Planet-like Entity
    Other Information
    Status Friendly
    Creator A sudden mutation of combining ordinary DNA with a galactic planet DNA
    First Sighting 2017
    Possible Population 10000000000