General Information
Universe Breath of Fire
Aliases ドリーマー Doriimaa (Dreamer)
Classification Satullo doriima
Species Type Giant Moth
Homeworld The World
Environment Dreamland
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Thought-based lifeform
Biological Information
Reproduction Sexual; lays eggs (presumed)
Locomotion Powered flight
Feeding Behavior Granivorous
Prey Acorns
Distinctive Features Large head horn
Eye Color Green
Fur Color Red
Lineage Information
Related Species Slake Moth
Cultural Information
Alignment True Neutral
Personality Aggressive
Organization Solitary
Sociocultral characteristics
Members Mothro (individual)
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet The World
Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Animalia
Subkingdom Eumetazoa
Infrakingdom Bilateria
Superphylum Ecdysozoa (Animals that grow by molting an exoskeleton)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
Subphylum Hexapoda (Arthropods with six legs)
Class Insecta (Insects)
Subclass Pterygota (Winged insects)
Infraclass Neoptera (Insects that can flex their wings over their abdomens)
Superorder Panorpida (Reduction or loss of the ovipositor)
Order Lepidoptera (Moths and butterflies)
Suborder Glossata (Lepidopteran with a coilable proboscis)
Infraorder Heteroneura
(Lepidopterans with dissimilar wing venation between both sets of wings)
Superfamily Bombycoidea (Silk moths, emperor moths, sphinx moths, and relatives)
Family Saturniidae (Saturniids or Saturn Moths)
Subfamily Saturniinae (Emperor moths)
Supergenus Peloroskoros (Giant moths) (Somarinoa, 2019)
Genus Satullo (Dream moths) (Somarinoa, 2019)
Species doriimaa (Somarinoa, 2019)
Other Information
Status Data Deficient

Mothros are a species of shapeshifting poisonous giant moth indigenous to Dreamland. They are herbivorous and seemingly feed on acorns. Being thought-based, they do not need to actually beat their wings to stay aloft. They are a predatory species and can infest individual's dreams, inducing a coma-like state while their toxic nature causes unending nightmares for the victim.

Their unique evolution has led to the atrophy and eventual loss of their legs in their imago state while their antennae have since fused into a long horn protruding from the forehead. They possibly emit their poison from either this horn or their twin wing tails, though this is only speculative.

They are considered to be of the wind element.

Background historyEdit

A Mothro once infested the dreams of Dirt-Eating Clan member Mogu, leading his friends to enter Dreamland in order to save him from his then-unknown malady. The party followed a being that taunted them along the way and upon cornering it it revealed itself to be a Mothro. Upon killing the creature the party woke up, alongside Mogu.


  • Breath of Fire (First appearance)


  • The creature appears as a boss in its only known appearance.
  • Unlike most enemy sprites in Breath of Fire, Mothro doesn't have typical moving animations.
  • Its English name "Mothro" may be a reference to the Toho kaiju Mothra.
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