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Meat Weasel
Intended victim Numerous
Average Size 1' long
Alternate Form Flesh Mimic

The Meat Weasel as a small nightmare, and are by far the most common entity encountered by anybody during the Silent Hill: Devil's Pacifism arc. Unlike other monsters seen at the time, they are common enough to be seen by all victims, with the only real differences coming about in their upgraded form, the Flesh Mimics, which is in actuality simply due to visual mimicry.

The commonality of the Meat Weasel is so great in fact that they even make up the Otherworlds of some of the victims.

Meat Weasels are little more than clumps of fleshy strips, similar in appearance to a cephalopod's tentacle. Although their dorsal region is similar to regular flesh, the underside appears raw and covered in numerous razor sharp teeth that run the length of their entire body. While they normally inch along like a floppy inch worm, when aroused and on the hunt they can lift themselves up onto their teeth and use them like centipede legs, at which point they can move at a very swift pace.

Unlike other monsters witnessed by Thor Steinbach and the others, Meat Weasels do not truly have an alternate form—instead, they can combine their bodies to mimic human beings or instead, cover an inanimate object to effectively transform it into a monster.

Behind the scenes[]

  • As with other monstrous creations by Somarinoa, the Meat Weasels make a cameo appearance in his "simplistic graphics for epic size" RPG game, Monster Space and its pseudosequel, Dangerous Wilds.


  • Silent Hill: Devil's Pacifism (novella) (First appearance)
  • Silent Hill: Devil's Pacifism (video game)
  • Monster Space (cameo)
  • Dangerous Wilds (cameo)