Martyr (Sagan 4)
General Information
Universe Main Univere
Amalgam Universe
Sagan IV Universe
Aliases Dire Martyr (Monster Space & Dangerous Wilds)
Classification Pompilicauda crispusattucksi
Species Type Ventrapper
Homeworld Sagan IV
Environment Rhodix Vents
Intelligence Non-sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Biological Information
Reproduction Asexual; Produce spores covered by gelatinous material
Average Length 4cm (1 37⁄64")
Locomotion Powered swimming via caudal fin
Feeding Behavior Carnivorous, Detritivorous
Marfos, Marocta
Predators Marfos, Marocta
Distinctive Features Sacrifice self for the greater good of the pack
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Orange with brown scales and yellow rings
Lineage Information
Ancestor(s) Protosagania, Protokrakocia pentapseudoflagellis + Octahedral nexapodia, Krakowhexia symbiotae, Krakowhydra velox, Torquatocauda grandibucha, Torquatocauda stilletiforma, Segmentocauda stilletiforma, Marollon, Ventrapper
Descendant(s) Dire Martyr (MS/DW only)
Related Species Pyaventrapper, Swarmhunter, Whorlhunter, Xxeltrapper
Cultural Information
Alignment True Neutral
Personality Pack-Oriented and self-sacrificial
Organization Packs
Language(s) Bioluminescent coordination
Sociocultral characteristics
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Sagan IV
Kingdom Anipedia (Pedes, Centifins, and Shrubites)
Phylum Abyssovermes (Deep sea Traps and Marollons)
Class Euabyssovermes (Deep sea Marollons)
Order Pentagnathostoma (Five-jawed Marollons)
Family Segmentocaudidae (Marollons)
Genus Pompilicauda (Hunters)
Species crispusattucksi
Other Information
Status Extinct
Creator Somarinoa
First Sighting Biglian Period (Week 20)
Last Sighting Yannickian Period (Week 21)
Martyr (Sagan 4) MS Sprite

Martyrs are a new breed of ventrapper, which they have split from. They have since developed one of the most interesting adaptations in the entire Anipedia kingdom. Like many other recent diversifications of the ventrappers, the martyrs have become free-swimming. Unlike the others, however, the martyrs are pack-oriented.

Two eyespots have been developed in order to allow them to view the bioluminescence which has become an important part of their existence. They are very communicative between their own kind, although have a very small language. When hunger consumes their pack, they will communicate between one another. One of their kind - generally the oldest or weakest - will then stop and begin swimming in tight circles end over end. It will then set off its bioluminescence, flashing crazily. The bioluminescence in their species is more complex than their ancestors, and multiple small areas around their body now have luminescent spots on them, such as the tips of their arms and their along their caudal fin, not to mention that those on the tips of their jaws have not changed. This has a very specific purpose: to attract predators. Typically they will attract either a marfos or a marocta by mimicking what an injured member of another species might look like, and when it gets close enough, the martyred martyr will attempt to flee out of instinct, although this is not always successful. Whether the martyr is consumed or not, the predator is then swarmed upon by the entire pack, who will pick at and bite off small chunks from the predator, quickly burrowing their head into its body so that its likely escape attempt will not prevent their feeding. Since they won't stop feeding until no more flesh is left and since their victims cannot really get rid of them, they often die in the entrapment.

Their "tail" at the end of their body has evolved into a caudal fin with the aid of their swimming ability. The young are glued to each individual's own body, under their segments by placing them their with their many arms. Those with young often won't operate as martyrs, and during breeding seasons they are far more likely to scavenge off any bit they can find. They will feed on large, dead organisms at any point they can during the year.

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