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Martians by pookiesaurus4 dc1s96g-fullview.jpg
General Information
Universe Universe-27, Tooniverse, Universe-89, various others
Aliases Bean heads (derogatory), red cyclopses, one-eyed reds, Red Martians (to differentiate them from other versions of their species in the multiverse)
Classification Martianus sapiens
Homeworld Mars
Intelligence Sapient
Biological Information
Lifespan 200 years (average), 214 years (maximum)
Lineage Information
Ancestor(s) Martianderthal (Martianus neanderthalensis, extinct),

Martianus erectus (extinct), Martianus habilis (extinct), Pithecocimex rustydaliensis (extinct), Pithecocimex fredrichii (extinct)

Cultural Information
Personality Peaceful (most of them)
Leaders King Rex, Queen Regina, Queen Sub Tara
Sociocultral characteristics
Members Patrick Ares, Sarah Ares, Martha Ares, Carlos Ares, King Rex, Queen Regina, Prince Michael, Queen Sub Tara, the Gorgons (terrorist organization), Captain Gloria Hartman, Admiral Anthony Anderson, Generals James and Jeanette Jamison, Lord Maximus, Lady Ruth Maximus, Baron Arthur, Baroness Arthur's wife, Baron Arthur's Dad, Theodore Rustydale (deceased), Mitch Mender, Amelia Mender, Mark Mender, April Turner (female news reporter), Dr. Fredrich
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Mars
Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Subphylum Vertebrata
Class Pseudomammalia
Subclass Arthromammalia
Infraclass Insectamammalia
Order Primatocimex
Family Martidae
Tribe Martini
Genus Martianus
Species M. sapiens
Other Information
Status Least Concern
Creator User: Parker Green

The Martians are a species that inhabit the red planet, Mars.


Martians have a strong red exoskeleton that wraps around their organs, and their cartilage based endoskeleton. The males have a single nipple in the center of their chests (which you can't see in this picture, but trust me, it's there), while the females have two. They also seem to have developed claws. Their maximum average height is 8 feet. These creatures have a total of ten digits, with four fingers on each hand (three fingers and a thumb), and three fingers on each foot. Their method of reproduction is laying eggs. Since a year on Mars is a little more than two years on Earth, they only age a year for every two human years. As for bathroom habits, they have the same ones as humans, as well as number 3 and number 4, though once a year they do something called number 1 and a half.


  • Aracanine
  • Felaviain (cat birds)
  • Martian dog


Martians have a monarchy, though not ones that rule the whole planet, because that would be crazy. Or maybe they do? They also worship a Cerberian by the name of "Blok-Blorp" as a god, who they credit as their creator. Although Martian evolutionists insist that they instead descended from primate-like insectoids.