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General Information
Universe Light and Darkness Universe
Classification Homocanis lupus sapiens
Species Type Canid
Homeworld Euska (Hum-41) (Paradise)
Intelligence Very Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Biological Information
Lifespan 150 years
Reproduction Sexual; give live birth
Average Height 6 ft tall
Average Weight 5.6 kg
Locomotion Bipedal
Feeding Behavior Omnivorous
Distinctive Features Immunity to Alcoholism, Rabies, Malaria, Cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Radiation, Ebola, Coronavirus and Tuberculosis

Strong bite force

Strong hearing

Strong eyesight

Strong sense of smell

Long memory

Tolearic DNA (Which humans have)

Eye Color Blue
Lineage Information
Ancestor(s) Tolarians (Proto-Tolearics)
Related Species Humans


Cultural Information
Alignment Good
Personality Very intelligent, kind, gentle, peaceful, proud, honest, Friendly and Forgiving
Language(s) Euskalian (Basque) and many other Homo-Lupo Languages
Sociocultral characteristics
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Euska (Native)

Earth (Immigrated)

Eowyn (Seeded)

Subkingdom Eumetazoa
Infrakingdom Bilateria
Phylum Chordata
Subphylum Vertebrata
Class Mammalia
Superorder Laurasiatheria
Order Carnivora
Suborder Caniformia
Family Canidae
Subfamily Primaticaninae
Genus Homocanis
Species H. lupus
Subspecies H. l. sapins
Other Information
Status Least concern

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Lupinian (Homocanis Lupus Sapiens) - also known as the Wolf-person or North Paradisian and Cynocephalus is a Tolearic race of Anthropomorphic Wolves and Wolf-like breed dogs known to be first Descendants of Tolarians along with Humans.


Homo Lupus Sapiens means "Wise Wolf-man" in Latin


The Lupinians are the first Post-Tolarian race to be created in Paradise long after the Tolarian ship crash in the Milky way galaxy while trying to flee the Luciferians.

Unlike Humans that declare war against each other (Either by colour, race, culture and religion), the Lupinians were a peaceful, gentle, hospitable, kind, intelligent and wise race which retained their Tolarian nature.

On earth, Lupinians and Paradisian Humans taught the Earth Humans farming, irrigation, trade and civilization on Mesopotamia, Central America, Egypt, Greece, Italy, China, Japan, Korea, Peru, the UK, Ireland, India, Central America, the middle east, North America, South America, Europe, Africa and the Easter Islands.

Lupinian inhabitants of the Andaman Islands encountered by Marco Polo were called Cynocephali because of their Dog-like Heads and their long lifespan.


Lupinians domesticated more animal species than Humans do.

  • Horses: Transportation, Mount, Sports, racing, draft, hair, servicing, plowing, patrol, hunting, working.
  • Ursintheres (Their Favourite): Transportation, Mount, guiding, draft (Sometimes), working, pets, rescuing, patrol.
  • Dogs: Pets, hunting, herding, guarding, pest control, transportation, draft, working, show, racing, sport, rescuing, guiding, service, research, patrol.
  • Cats:
  • Stegadons:
  • Bear-Dragons:
  • Rhinotheres:
  • Hippotheres:
  • Dragons:
  • Dinosaurs:
  • Mega Toxodonts:
  • Entelotheres:
  • Squiggoths:
  • Hump beasts:
  • Barfens:
  • Urso-Panthers:
  • Dodogamas: Transportation, Mount,
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Lupinians are perfectly Human in Physiology but they're covered in fur, their Under feet are much like Bear's back paws and they have a short bear-like tail.

A Lupinian's size compared to that of a Human.

Much like Humans, they are viviparous. Lupinians gave birth to their children after 45 weeks of pregnancy, even they give birth to Human ones if their mates are Human due to indifferent DNA.

The Eyesight of a Lupinian is beyond Human and extremely superior to that of an eagle, there is no necessity of Glasses. The colour of the Lupinian's eyes is bright Human Blue being the major sight, Brown and Green are rare.

Lupinians have a smell much superior to that of a Bear and a Human, they can smell food and they can detect any kind of smell. Like the Inuits, Lupinians use their noses to press the tip of each other and Ursintheres.

Greater than that of a Human, a Lupinian has an excellent sense of hearing and they can hear sounds in a long distance. Their pointy ears are capable of moving just like dogs and wolves do.


Lupinians are shown to be an extremely intelligent race capable of predicting futures, seeing supernatural and making solutions.

Much less prone to Memory loss, Lupinians have an advanced memory greater than those of a human and an elephant.


Much like Humans, the Lupinians' blood is red like every vertebrate on Earth and Paradise.


Lupinians, like Humans and Bears, are omnivores, they can eat vegetables, fruit and meat. Thanks to their two advanced livers, Lupinians can drink any alcoholic drink such as beer, wine, vodka, whiskey and Gin.


Lupinians are shown to be quite gentle, friendly, hospitable, polite, peaceful and civilised people and sometimes very sensitive when it comes to insults against them. They have no aggression towards any species unless they are a threat.


Despite being carbon based, Lupinians are immune to Cancer, rabies, ebola, asthma, diabetes, Leukemia, colour blindness, malaria, measles, radiation and alcoholism and are prone to bubonic plague, burns and flus but they didn't kill Lupinians due to their advanced Human-like anatomy.

Fur coat colours[]

Lupinians are more diverse than Humanity when it comes to colour of fur coats and they have more Racial Classification than Humans do.

Relationships to each other and with different species[]

Unlike Humans, Lupinians never declare war with each other, they never dispute with each other and instead help each other and mate with each other. The Lupinians' relations with each other are quite peaceful and extraordinary.

Ursintheres are the Lupinians' best friends and there isn't a single hostility to each other. Behaving similarly to Elephants and Dogs, Ursintheres are loyal to Lupinians like all beasts. Lupinians use Ursintheres as mounts, pets and companions, making them reliable like Horses and other beasts.

Humans can show somewhat aloof to Lupinians because of their future predictions, their advanced technology and to their long lifespan. Relations with the Far Right on Earth are quite extremely hostile much like those in Japan and Korea in the wake of the 9/20 attacks. Lupinians see humans as a Precious and fragile species and they act like teachers and benevolent leaders so that Humanity cannot be barbaric.

Domestication of Animals[]

Animals wild and domesticated alike enjoy a welfare under Lupinians.

Society, Technology and Culture[]


In Paradise, the Lupinian tribes unite into a peaceful, advanced, egalitarian, sustainable, powerful and green empire with Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek, Hittite, Phoenician, greek, Persian, Roman, Japanese, Korean, Khmer, Chinese, Indian, Aztec, Mayan, Incan, Nazca, Nubian, Etruscan, Armenian, Celtic, Norse, Nabatean, Mongol and Middle Eastern elements.

Lupinian society is unified, stable, egalitarian and advanced than any other on the universe.

The Lupinians were believed by many peoples in the universe as peaceful farmers, gardeners, philosophers, Environmentalists, merchants, gardeners, selfless peacekeepers and gods.

Pre-Unification Lupinian Tribes[]

The first Lupinian Tribe was called the Plain Tribe which consists of Lupinians that look like Wolf-dogs and was a precursor to Native American, Zulu and Aborigine cultures and lifestyles. It was also the First Tribe to tame an animal called the wolf which bears resemblance to Lupinians and eventually evolved into dogs. The Plain Tribe took its pride for farming, irrigation and harmony with nature.

In the Coasts of Paradise, the German Shephard-like Coastal tribe which was a precursor to the Cucuteni-Trypillia, neolithic European, Polynesian and Jomon cultures and lifestyles live mainly on fishing and farming, extremely proud of its whale worship and Masonry. It also took pride on its jewellery and its sculpture.

In the green lush conifer forests, the Akita-like Forest Tribe which was a Precursor to Celtic, Scythian, Norse and Villanovan Cultures and lifestyles, Tamed Horses, Ursintheres which the Tribe was extremely proud of and Boars which evolved into Pigs. The Forest Tribe used Transportation for exploration of new lands and Trading with Other Lupinian tribes which make a huge good impact on tribal cultures.

In the Valleys surounded by White Snow Mountains, the Kishu Inu-like Valley Tribe which was a Precursor to Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Tibetan, Germanic, Mongolian, Russian, Slavic, Incan, Baltic, Indonesian and Nepalese cultures and Lifestlyes, was proud of its Hippotheres, Rhinotheres, Horses, Sheep, Ursintheres and Entelotheres. Rice, Wheat and Barley Pyramids were built by the Tribe are everywhere in the Valley.

Inside the the Beautiful red Canyons with Green grasses and blue clear lakes among them, the Troglodyte and the Neighbouring Green Canyon tribes which were a Precursor to Pueblo, African, Navajo, Indian, Malay, Malian, Aztec, Mayan, Totonac, Zapotec and Mixtec Cultures and Lifestyles, proud of their friendship towards each other and irrigation.

In the Savannah near the Great beautiful peaceful and green Jungle, the Belgian Shepherd-like Lion Tribe which were a Precursor to Arabic, Egyptian, Iranian, Kurdish, Afghan, Turkish, Mesopotamian, Tuareg, Thai, Khmer, Laotian and Burmese cultures and Lifestyles, have the love of Animals, the River Ugari, Hippotheres and their tale tellings.

Near the Seas, the Husky-like Fishing tribe Which was the Precursor to Roman, Greek, Etruscan, British, Minoan, Phoenician, Palmyrene, Italian, Spanish, Armenian and Nabatean Cultures and Lifestyles, proud of their fishing skills, their trading with other tribes, Sea Worship, their Wines, Beers and Boat Building. The Fishing Tribe have built a city which will be part of Eden.


In 4.9 billion years B.C.G (Before the Coronation of Gerry), When the Tolarians were in danger of extinction due to the Luciferians' Jealousy, they built a massive ship that can carry 100% of life, in order to save the Tolarian race. The great Gods known as the Aphrolestes guided the Tolarians to a safer place in the universe; Èowyn commonly known as the Milky Way Galaxy where the Gazatags and all other creations of the Aphrolestes inhabited, where the Tolarian race can live and prosper peacefully. Despite being relieved to be close to their new galaxy, the Tolarians' ship malfunctioned and it's about to explode in 8 minutes, the Tolarian Scientist activated enlightment to life to protect it. The Tolarian ship exploded into two pieces on top of one big newborn planet called Paradise created by the Aphrolestes.

Origins of the Lupinians and Humans[]

Million years later after the Tolarian Ship crash, Life on Paradise thrived without any problems where Trees and flowers blossom, Fresh clean Waters and clear blue atmosphere was established and the Tolarian race split into two seperate races: The Peaceful, civilised and Highly Intelligent Lupinians and the vunerable yet intelligent Humans.

The Lupinians live on a peaceful live of Neolithic and Chalcolithic lifestyle and society, advancing technology, social rights, LGBTQ Rights, Animal welfare and civilisation. While Humanity lived in a primitive and yet Harsh life on the Paleolithic lifestyle.

Taming was the advantage of Advancing Lupinian agriculture and technology, the wolves were tamed by Lupinians evolving into Dogs, secondly Cattle, third the Horse, fourth the boar evolving into a Pig, fifth the Ursintheres which are a favourite to Lupinians for their Docility and loyalty to them along with Horses, sixth the cat, eighth the donkey, ninth the goat, tenth the chicken and the turkey, eleventh the Entelothere, twelfth the Hippothere, thirteenth the Mammoth, fourteenth the sheep, Fifteenth the Giant deer and Rhinothere while Humanity only tamed the dog.

Whilst the Lupinians are achieving their first city called Edertasun Berdea also known as Eden after uniting with diverse tribes, they planned on exploring new lands to settle, to discover and to tame docile animals. The Lupinians sailed south to the tropical rainforest continent and settled there, the Continent was inhabited by Gigantic reptiles such as Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs. The Lupinian colonists first tamed the Stegadons, the Squiggoths, the Half-Sharpteeth, the dwarf Half-Sharpteeth, Ceratopsians, Hadrosaurs, Sauropods, Therizinosaurs, Iguanodons, Dryosaurs, Dodogamas, Stegosaurs and Tropical birds took them into their own continent.

After the taming of gigantic reptiles in the southern continent, the Lupinian system, society and technology get more and more advanced, moved eastward to the unknown continent connected to theirs and discovered a primitive hairless race descended from Tolarians called Humans also known as Mankind and Humanity.

Fascinated by the Lupinians, their technology, their benevolence, their peaceful society and successful taming of animals, the Humans left their hunting traditions and embraced the Lupinian culture making them more civilised and more peaceful.

4.7 billion years B.C.G, The Lupinians and Humanity began colonising worlds, establishing diplomatic relations with Non-tolearic species, founding the Euska empire and seeding their DNA, creating other Tolearic life-forms.

9000 years later after the expansion of the Euska empire, the seeded Humans were prone to war against each other except for the newly founded Breoghan empire, the Aphrolestes however are disgusted with mankind's capability of fighting against one another and they plan to wipe them out by ordering the Shinkar also known as the Dark Gazatags to invade the Human seeded planets and wipe out the human inhabitants.

Horrified by the Near-Extinction of Humanity, the Euska and the Breoghan empires have found a solution to bring all of Humanity back from Extinction: Time travel but first, they must build a super weapon that is capable of extinguish the Aphrolestes called the God Slayer.

After the annihilation of the Aphrolestes, the Lupinians, the Dark Gazatags, the Remaining humans and many races that once sided with the Aphrolestes traveled back in time to bring back Human-seeded planets back into their own time. Whilst they are done, the Lupinians decided to ban time travel so that Humanity cannot travel back in time try to change the past but instead create other timelines.

The Euska empire leads the Galaxy in peace, prosperity, sustainability and clean Energy without obstacle and war.

The Births of Éowyn and Earth[]

4.55 Billion years B.C.G, the Breoghanian Empire with the help of the Euska empire created Éowyn and a million years later, they created Lurra also known as Earth, Terra and Éothain.

Billion years later, As the Milky Way Galaxy prospered peacefully, The Euska Empire seeded life on Éowyn and Finally Earth.

65 Million years A.C.G, Before the Dinosaurs went extinct, the Paradisian Humans and Lupinians took some of them into Paradise and luckily dodged the Meteorite crash that occured in the gulf of Mexico.

230'000 B.C.G, The Breoghanian empire collapsed due to the invasion of an unknown civilization from another galaxy but its refugees fled to Éowyn and Earth where they will split into four different cultures, the Celts of Earth, the Éowynians, The Japanese and Koreans of Earth. As the Breoghanian Lupinians left Atlantis and Lemuria on earth to look for a better planet to live, the Breoghanian Humans fled into mainland Europe, the Japanese Archipelago and the Korean Peninsula.

In Éowyn, the Breoghanian Lupinians did not leave it and continued to live with the Humans and progress with technology and Culture even further than Earth's.

0 A.C.G, On earth Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem while Gerry Flowertop, a Tolarian raised by a Lupinian Father and a Human Mother was coronated as King as his Human Girlfriend Emily Brending was coronated Queen in the same time united all Nations and races of Éowyn to fight against the darkness of the Dark Lord Naggaroth.

Xeno-Colonialism on Earth[]

On the planet called Planet b also known in Homo-Lupo language as Urdinak, the Urdinakian civilisation has faced threats not from Climate change, starvation or disease but of Civil War, the Urdinakian Lupinians chose Earth as their Refuge and fled Urdinak without being blasted by the Rebelling Urdinakian Humans led by Itzal Otxoa.

When the Urdinakian ships arrive in the Solar system which was declared a legend and sent numerous Pathogen slayers on Earth in which the Earth Humans called them "Pens" due to the resemblance of pens to emit explosions of Disease killing Black Smoke which outdo the range of 14 Hiroshima bombs, blotted out the Sun for an hour and the Earth Humans were also blinded for an hour in which their sight was discoloured into black and White.

The Lupinian Refugees successfully arrived on Earth, scanning languages, lifestyle and lifeforms, their Carbon emission sucking ships enter the atmosphere and land on every city on the planet demanding the Governments to give them asylum.

Japan and South Korea were the first countries on Earth to accept non-Human Refugees, while the UK Became third, then Sweden, France, New Zealand, North Korea, Taiwan, the Baltic States, Spain, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Canada, the USA due to President Donald Trump reluctantly accepting them, Costa Rica, Poland, Iceland, the UAE, Germany, Finland, Slovakia, Greece, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Hungary, Brazil, China and Australia rejected the Requests of the Lupinian immigrants despite huge acceptance

As the first Xeno-Human relations summit taking place in Kyoto, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has warned everyone about discrimination and Terrorism against Lupinians and those who sympathise them, predicting that White Supremacy is dying so that Human Supremacy can take its place.

In May 8th, the Xeno-Colonial court was established to maintain law and order not only on the countries but also the entire planet.

2 days Later, Stephen Lennon also known as Tommy Robinson went to Japan, spewed xenophobic lies and slurs about Lupinians of how they quickly take Humanity's jobs as they slowly take their planet and outnumber them before being deported to South Korea where spewed the same lies and slurs and got kicked out back into the UK.

16 of May 2020, Stephen Lennon urged his followers and other far right members to Kill the Lupinians, the Japanese and their Korean Neighbours after his embrace of Human Supremacy by releasing a sickening rhetoric on Youtube.

In the night of the 17th, Stephen Lennon's Supporters and other Far Right groups attacked Tokyo, Seoul, Pyeongyang, Busan, Kaesong, Osaka, Kyoto and Yokohama, Many lives of Japanese, Korean and Lupinians alike were lost.

In the 18th, The Lupinian Xeno-Colonial Court has labelled Stephen Lennon as a murderer, a madman and a terrorist sympathiser as they labelled the Far Right as Savages, murderers, Barbarians and threats. Jacinda Ardern, Sanna Marin, Justin Trudeau as he was right about what happened, Barack Obama and Ursula Von Der Leyen condemned the Attacks in Japan and the Korean Peninsula and labelled it as a barbaric Terrorist attack that nearly killed 100% of the Japanese and their Korean neighbours for welcoming Lupinian refugees.

19th of May, Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe faced a blow from the Vote of No-Confidence and got replaced by a 25 year old but competent Keiichi Tanaka who is a lover of Koreans, Lupinians and the environment, overthrowing Sanna Marin as the Youngest Prime minister in the world. Boris Johnson was found guilty of watching Stephen Lennon's video that created the Terrorist attacks and resigned where his People and the Lupinian Immigrants jeered at him, calling him a Murderer and a Backstabber.

A day later, The Japanese Government vowed to ban the Far right from entering Japan and which South Korea followed suit, The most Severely anti-Far right man on Earth was appointed as General named Yoshi Oshiro nicknamed the Anti-fascist Tojo, who wanted revenge on the far right for murdering his wife and children. North Korea united with South Korea leaving Moon Jae-in as the President of the Unified Republic of Korea with the goals to eradicate the Far right, forge relations with Japan and the Lupinian colonists.

22nd of May, the Japanese and Korean Governments ramp up defences against the far right terrorists and signed a collaboration pact with the Lupinian Xeno-Colonial Government. Youtube bans Stephen Lennon as Mike Farrell (Who is known as Mike the Unblocker, Mike the Neck Crusher and Mike the Psyker by the Xeno-Colonial Government) unknowingly known as the Japanese-made Android called Gabriel-21, became a Democratic Senator and unblocked the Election security bill blocked by Mitch McConnell.

23rd, the Lupinians warn countries not to overuse fossil fuels and to start embracing Renewables and Hydrogen or face invasion as they warn the UK to Scrap Brexit or it gets destroyed. Funerals in Japan and Korea have Taken place. Mitch McConnell dies as Mike Farrell forcibly crushed his neck with his psychic powers, overthrowing him as senate Leader and Unblocked numerous Democrat Proposed bills.

24th of May, the Lupinian Pillagers pillaged fossil fuel companies and Palm Oil farms as Some people describe it as an Alien version of the Viking age but against environmentally destructive companies.

21, China was the first to be invaded by Lupinian Xeno-Colonial soldiers, luckily no soldiers or civilians were dead and proved that the Chinese military are no match for the Technological might of the Lupinians. The Xeno-Colonial Government handled China to Taiwan where it joined a Collaboration pact with it.

22nd of January, Xeno-colonial and Democratic Chinese troops invaded Australia for its inaction against Bushfires and wildfires as they overthrown the government and replaced it with a new one. Xeno-Colonial, Japanese and Korean Soldiers invaded the UK, Massacred the far right in revenge for the terrorist attacks out of Public sight and overthrew the Tory Government.

23rd of January, Japanese and Korean spies were recruited to hunt down the surviving Far Right in the UK and report to the Japanese, Korean and Xeno-colonial governments and military. Japanese and Lupinian scientists invented a bomb and grenade that contained a strange black seeable virus known as the Shigeru not only boost the ecosystem, eradicate diseases, eat carbon dioxide from the sky, refreeze icecaps but also infecting the Far Right which resulted in a quick gruesome and painful death.

24th, an unknown human figure stole one of the Urdinakian ships and bombed Dresden with the Shigeru Virus designed from the black Smoke from the Pens, killing the Far Right instantly, leaving Dresden and its human population unharmed and spread to Germany rapidly.

25 of May, the Shigeru Virus multiplies, spreads to France, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria and Italy. The Urdinakians and their Japanese and Korean collaborators liberated Europe turning it into a green and utopian Mega-Colony. In the USA, Urdinakian Lupinians and their Chinese collaborators invade Alberta, the USA and Canada, killing the Far Right, reducing conservative parties into Tribes and turning the USA and Canada into colonies just like Europe.

26th, Vietnam, Cambodia switch communism into democracy and join the collaboration pact with the Lupinians along with Thailand. Lupinian Urdiniakian soldiers and their Japanese and Korean collaborators invade Western Russia followed by the Shigeru virus, Vladimir Putin was no match for them and was overthrown by his own people and military.

27, Lupinians and their Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodian collaborators invade Burma forcing Aung San Suu Kyi to resign immediately, liberating Burma, signing the peace and apology treaty with the Karen and many other ethnic minorities and call the Rohingya to Return home and Burma once again falls into Colonial hands but from Lupinians. The Surviving Far Right fled into the Russian Island of Sakhalin along with Conservative tribes to prepare revenge against the Lupinians and the Japanese and Koreans whom the Far Right called them as "Lapdogs or Slaves to Lupinians".

27th, Crimes around the World are decreasing rapidly along with Poverty, Racism, Homophobia, Disease and Environmental damage thanks to Xeno-Colonialism. The USA has declared the Far Right as Extinct despite the fact that there are survivors in Sakhalin.