The Leopard Seal is the character from of the 2006 movie Happy Feet.

History Edit

In the film, he ambushes the main character, Mumble, in the hopes of a meal. During the underwater chase, he manages to bite down on Mumble's tail and rips some feathers off the penguin's tail, but does no more damage. A seal of few words, he only said two lines when he was land-bound. Enraged by the teasing Leopard Seal chasing penguins, he tries repeated attempts to lash out at them. But after each failed attempt (one of which he accidentally embedded his snout going through the ice trying to bite the penguins, causing himself some pain) Leopard seal chasing and idling is stop mumble and an friends, Leopard Seal wait and attack to mumble and mumble's pack.  

Leopard Seal is to bite and attack mumble and an friends pack, is voice talked by Leopard Seal at mumble. He tries repeated attempts to lash out at them. But he gives up and returns to the sea to find an easier meal, though he did imply another attack with the I know where you live is to Leopard seal blow ice crack, is to the his penguin is friends hero , is the Leopard seal got away.  

Trivia Edit

  • In Happy Feet Two when the Doomberg is making sounds, one of the leopard seals might be similar to him. During the chase, the leopard seal chases Mumble just like he did in the first place. He has no lines like he did in the original film though and voiced by Lee Perry who voiced many characters in the franchise like one of the elders or Eggbert.
  • In an interview with George Miller, the leopard seal's name could possibly be "Rojas" but still remains to be confirmed like Boss Skua.
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