Ice Angel
Ice Angel
General Information
Universe Torchlight
Classification Chaetodon Chaetodon ordeni
Species Type Butterflyfish
Homeworld "Torchlight World"
Environment Subterranean waterways within the Orden Mines
Intelligence Non-Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Biological Information
Reproduction Sexual; lays soft-bodied eggs
Locomotion Powered Swimming
Feeding Behavior Carnivorous
Prey Zoanthids, polychaete worms, gorgonians, and tunicates
Predators Humans, Dogs, Wild Cats
Distinctive Features Nearly indistinguishable from the Foureye Butterflyfish
Eye Color White
Skin Color Light blue with black markings
Lineage Information
Subspecies Foureye Butterflyfish, Prismatic Morey
Cultural Information
Alignment True Neutral
Organization Schools
Sociocultral characteristics
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet "Torchlight World"
Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Animalia
Subkingdom Eumetazoa
Infrakingdom Bilateria
Superphylum Deuterostomia
Phylum Chordata
Subphylum Vertebrata
Infraphylum Gnathostomata
Superclass Osteichthyes (Bony Fish)
Class Actinopterygii (Ray-finned fish)
Subclass Neopterygii (New-finned fish)
Infraclass Teleostei (Teleosts)
Superorder Acanthopterygii (Spiny-finned teleosts)
Order Perciformes (Perchiforms)
Family Chaetodontidae
(Butterflyfish, Bannerfish, and Coralfish)
Genus Chaetodon
Subgenus Chaetodon
Species ordeni (Somarinoa, 2019)
Other Information
Status Vulnerable (presumed)

Ice Angel are a species of butterflyfish which are endemic to the subterranean waterways within the Orden Mines beneath the town of Torchlight, located within the Estherian Steppes on the continent of Vilderan.

Close proximity to such vast quantities of ember has imbued the species with transformative magical powers, and allow animals such as Dogs and Wild Cats to be temporarily transformed into a Ice Elemental.


Ice Angels, despite their name, are in fact butterflyfish very closely related to the Foureye Butterflyfish. Like their contemporaries, they are deep-bodied and laterally compressed, with a single dorsal fin and small mouth filled with tiny, bristle-like teeth.

The transformation of the ember veins has altered their normally light gray body to a pale blue, though they are still covered in dark forward-pointing chevrons. Their ventral fins are yellow in hue. Like the Foureye Butterflyfish, they possess a large dark spot at the rear portion of their body near the base of their caudal fin. This is coupled with a black vertical bar on the head that runs through their true eyes, making them harder to see and thus making the eyespots appear more surprising to potential predators, which may either be frightened away or may at least confuse their back end for their head. If they cannot escape, they will sometimes turn to face their aggressors, with their head lowered and spines fully erect like a bull about to charge. This may serve to intimidate the other animal or may remind the predator that the butterflyfish is much too spiny to make a comfortable meal.

They would be fairly agile, with the ability to swim through passages on their sides or even upside-down. They presumably mate for life.

Dietary habitsEdit

Ice Angels are assumed to feed like their tropical counterparts, which consists of a diet of invertebrates such as zoanthids, polychaete worms, gorgonians, and tunicates. Although the cavernous waters of the Orden Mines do not appear to have coral, they may also be immune to their stings since the closely related Foureye Butterflyfish are.

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