Raptor (Disco Zoo)

The Discoraptor (Deinonychus discotheque), as it is referred to here on All Species Wiki, is a species of dromaeosaur that lived during the Jurassic Period, where they were a common species. Although it went extinct millions of years ago, it was brought forward in time by the staff at Disco Zoo, creating in effect a Lazarus species. At Disco Zoo, they are simply referred to as Raptors.

Discoraptors are clever animals, similar in intellectual level to Hammond's velociraptors. They are rumored to be able to open doors and have been witnessed on numerous occasions dancing - or at least hopping around excitedly - to disco music blasted at the zoo.

They are very vocal, and appear to make some sounds again seen in Hammond's velociraptor. Known sounds made are as follows:

  • Scree!
  • Birr?
  • Mmmm?
  • Hiss
  • Click!
  • Clack!
  • Click Clack!
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