The Deinonychus is the main antagonist in the third episode of Jurassic Fight Club, entitled "Gang Killers".

Description Edit

This carnivorous dinosaur was about 3 meters (10 feet) long, 1.5 (5 feet) tall, and weighed up to 72.6 kg (160 pounds). It had a flexible neck, a big head, a well-developed brain and large, keen eyes, similar to modern birds of prey.

History Edit

The T-Rex Hunter Edit

In this episode, the Deinonychus made a cameo appearance. While the narrator was discussing how the Tyrannosaurus rex marked its territory by using scent marks, footage of a pack of Deinonychus smelling one of those scent marks, and being repelled by it, was shown.

Gang Killers Edit

Deinonychus was the main focus of this episode, along with Tenontosaurus. The episode starts out talking about how Dr. John Ostrom, a famous palaeontologist, first uncovered the remains of the Deinonychus, in 1964. They say that Ostrom found the crushed remains of 4 raptors that had apparently been killed in combat. Then, he also found a Tenontosaurus skeleton, nearby. Throughout the rest of the episode, the Deinonychus is studied in detail, even getting its brain scanned. Then, finally, a detailed fight was reconstructed, between a pack of vicious Deinonychus, and a Tenontosaurus. The gigantic, lumbering herbivore managed to bring down the 4 raptors, before the remaining pack members then killed it. Finally, at the end of the battle, the surviving pack, including the Alpha leader, are shown feasting on their victim.

Hunter Becomes Hunted Edit

In this episode, when the female Ceratosaurus is chasing her prey to her mate, the prey appears mostly offscreen. However, for one fleeting second, if you pause it, you can see that it is really a Deinonychus. Apparently, the producers of the show used the same model, that they had used for the Deinonychus, earlier on, in the show, in Gang Killers.

Trivia Edit

  • Deinonychus is the very first raptor species ever to be featured on Jurassic Fight Club, as it appeared earlier than both Utahraptor and Dromaeosaurus.
  • Deinonychus has also appeared in more episodes on Jurassic Fight Club.
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