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"No purer manifestation of primal evil exists than the hideous daemon, a denizen of the dark and infernal planes brought to these shores by the most vile wizardries. Only the greatest of heroes have ever vanquished a daemon in single combat, and even a group of valiant warriors must be mighty indeed to survive an encounter with such a fiend.

Daemons are rapacious, and find man-flesh as good as any other meat. They also have a great love for gold, and will hoard it when they can. When not about their business of bloody deeds and diabolic mischief, they prefer to sojourn in caverns below the ground. They are especially thick in the deepest recesses of the legendary dungeons, where they combat invaders from the surface with their wits, their strength, and their magic. Daemon’s bones are greatly prized as magical talismans of rare potency, if a warrior survives long enough to bring them forth from bloody combat.
— Official description

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Daemons are large, Balrog-like demons. They are found in dungeons and are extremely dangerous.

Daemons are adept at casting spells, although they, like Humans, can experience spell fizzling at times. They have been known to cast Clumsy, Curse, Energy Bolt, Fireball, Harm, Lightning Bolt, Magic Arrow, Paralyze, Poison, Weaken. They will loot a fallen adventurer's body if they kill them, requiring the later-resurrected person to slay the Daemon if they wish to ever get any of their equipment back. However, should they succeed in slaying one, the Daemon will drop a standard pack or two.

Many species of Daemon exist in the realms of Sosaria: Of these, only the Fire Daemon is closely related to the regular Daemons. Others include Bone, Chaos, Crystal, Light, and Void Daemons also exist.