El Chupacabras
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Classification Chupacabra chupacabra
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El Chupacabras (The Goatsucker in Spanish) is an elusive predatory cryptid reported to drain its victims entirely of blood. This notorious creature is often spoken about with fear, although it seemingly prefers to run away from humans, rather than attack them. Its most common prey appear to be medium-sized domestic animals such as goats, chickens and sheep, although there have been recounts of it killing cattle and other large animals.Like is the case with most land-based cryptids, the existence of the Chupacabras is usually denied by the mainstream scientific community. Alleged chupacabras corpses have been consistently identified by researchers as belonging to some sort of canine (including wolf-coyote hybrids).Several theories have been proposed about what sort of creature the Chupacabras could be, if real. These theories range from a naturally occurring animal (a new species of carnivore or a giant flightless bat are the most common candidates); to an extraterrestrial organism that found its way to Earth somehow; and even the awry result of secret genetic experiments from the Cold War.

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