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The Cheep Diamonds area is a (presumably) spacious habitat. It is home to seventeen small-size Cheep Chomps.


This habitat is shown to have clear waters, complete with colourful coral structures.


The habitat is home to seventeen small-size Cheep Chomps, all of which are presumably trained.


In the minigame, two  Cheep Chomps leap over to give the contestants a demo. They face upwards, and one gets a meal of three golden diamonds. They then turn around, do a jump, and contestants are faced with a surprise, the diamonds were not entirely consumed - they barely stayed in the mouth. They then jump away, and four other Cheep Chomps do an array of similar acts. After that, the contestants need to guess which Cheep Chomp bears the highest number of diamonds. Then the four jump away, and five enter, and repeat the process. After that, six repeat the activities again. The contestant with the most points wins.