The Centrosaurus is the large dinosaurs and the main antagonist in the 1978 film Planet of Dinosaurs. They have like alien


Taking a break from helping lay out space reflectors, Derna went for a walk. However, she was soon found by an centrosaurus which decided to make a meal out of her. Nyla (Pamela Bottaro) slips and loses the entire supply of food rations, which Lee refuses to retrieve. Near a cave higher up the mountain, Vice-President of Spaceways Incorporated Harvey Baylor (Harvey Shain) discovers a nest full of eggs. After stealing an egg, Harvey is attacked and killed by a Centrosaurus. Soon after, much to ship engineer Jim's (James Whitworth) dismay, Lee decides to halt the expedition and settle at what he considers to be a defensible area. Lee expects to hold out until they are rescued, but Jim believes them to be trapped forever on the planet, and advises that they begin a new civilization. Even though that dinosaur killed a guy, it still runs like a Schnauzer.  Captain Lee and his crew crash land on a planet similar to Earth, but millions of years behind in time. Wow..Loved the way Centrosaurus came out from behind the rock..Check out Labib's talks on dinosaurs.


  • Planet of Dinosaurs (1978)

Trivia Edit

  • The ceratopsians is antagonist in Movies and TV Shows.
  • Length: 20 ft (6 m, est); Weight: 3 tons (est)
  • Attributes: Horn, charge, armored
  • Powers: None revealed
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