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Vuunegan Birds, also known as Vuuwings, are a group of organisms filling the niche of Earth's birds on the planet Vuunega, belonging to the infraclass vuunithes. Vuunegan Birds evolved from five-limbed creatures, first learning to fall gracefully, then to glide and finally later to officially fly. Although several types evolved over time, only one group has not gone extinct at this point: the highly successful tripediornids, known for their three legs. Other types include species that evolved four wings and a single leg to hop on while keeping themselves upright with the tips of their wings (salialornids); four limbs equipped with wings while the last leg remains for grasping during flight (jethauks); and a strange type using bat-like wings formed out of patagia (chiroptenids).

All types of Vuunegan Birds have primitive eyes, built out of a circular organ filled with three pairs of eyes to allow sight of either varying types (ie normal vision plus optional ultraviolet detection and nightvision) or a view in three different directions to keep aware of one's surroundings. These eyes usually seem like little more than a pupil but a scelera does exist. Certain types, such as the dryptocephalans, have had one or two of these eyes atrophy to a much smaller, sometimes simply vestigial version to focus eyesight into one of the pairs.

The best-known Vuunegan Birds are all tripediornids: the Featherheads, Skullbeaks, Towerbeaks, and the infamous King of Fliers.

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