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Zeeon, the main continent of Vuunega.

The fourth planet of its home system, Vuunega (pronounced /vuːneɪɡɑː/) is home to the Aurix, and the former home of the mysterious ancient species, the Zomm.



  • Dominant Species Type: Tentacleiosaurs

Zeeon is generally considered the main continent on the surface of Vuunega; however, it is certainly not the only continent on the planet, as the rockscales that wash up on the beaches of southern Zeeon come from somewhere else. Zeeon is a diverse continent, possessing a large number of biomes. The southern coasts of Zeeon lie near the equator of Vuunega, allowing for tropical climates that allow koryl reefs and jungles to thrive.


  • Dominant Species Type: Tripediornids

Zorgen is another continent, residing relatively close to the Zeeon continent. Unlike its neighbor, Zorgen is made up of one large "mainland" and several very large islands, as it has been split recently, in geological terms. Zorgen is the homeland of the xenosurid catapult trees, which wash ashore as buoyant seeds on not only Zeeon, but the many islands in-between.


  • Dominant Species Type: Arthromorphs

A third continent exists, although like Zorgen it is not common knowledge to the Aurix quite yet. Virtually nothing is known about Somaria and it is therefore considered a 'lost world', although whether or not life thereon would amount as 'lost species' remains to be seen.

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