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The continent of Zeeon, where one can see Landfall Beach.

Landfall Beach is an important landmark of the Zeeon continent on the planet Vuunega, and is part of the larger South Zeeonese Coast. Its name stems from being where the current sapient species on the world, the Aurix, first crawled out of the tropical waters to begin their evolution as a land-based species. It is nestled up against the Catapult Forests and the Deep Mangrove, and sits at the edge of the Korylon Sea that rests between the continents of Zeeon and Zorgen.

It bustles with life as does most areas on the planet, and is a major hub of the Catapult Tree migrations. The apex predator of the area is the enormous Zandityrannus, which moves up and down the coastline seeking live prey or carcasses. The most common species found here are rockscales and whipscales, Clawgrips, Skullbeaks and Zandipedes.

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