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The Fysh are a collective group of two related genera of aquatic lifeforms endemic to Vuunega, the Bony Fysh (superclass Osteikhthuos) and the Cartilaginous Fysh (superclass Chondroneustes), which fill the niche of Earth's bony fish and cartilaginous fish, respectively. Both species evolved from the planet's vorms.

Fysh of each type are cosmopolitan in nature, found throughout all of the planet's oceans and seas, and very often in its freshwater bodies as well. Although some fysh can move across land for short periods of time, none are able to survive there indefinitely and must eventually return to water. The closest genera to being able to remain above water indefinitely are the flying wrays.

The best-known Fysh are the Green Clackers and the Gargantua Wrays.

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