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Cudgelbeaks are one of two groups of bluntbeak tripediornids, belonging to the subfamily kuggelidae, the other being the shieldbeaks. They are endemic to the planet Vuunega, where they are usually found in grassland, beach, and desert biomes where their weaponized beaks can be used to the greatest effect.

The cudgelbeaks are differentiated by having adapted their rounded beaks into blunt weapons to be used offensively, making them primarily predatory creatures, although some species use this attack more for territoriality than for subduing and killing potential prey items. There are some species of cudgelbeaks that are known to seek out and attack their cousins, the shieldbeaks with little to no provocation. Generally speaking, cudgelbeaks are fairly aggressive by nature.

The best-known Cudgelbeaks are the Skullbeaks and Macebills.

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