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A Vuukelp Krebb, a prime example of an Arthromorph.

Arthromorphs ("Jointed Form") originate from the planet Vuunega, where they are one of three dominant lifeforms on the planet, dominating the Somaria continent. An arthromorph is a segmented invertebrate creature evolved from the planet's vorms which are cosmopolitan as a class and make up a majority of the planet's biomass. Often, their legs end in either wing-like fins, spike-like footless legs or in chelae (claws), and their eyes can appear in several styles although the primary style remains from their vormic ancestors—that of a ring of five compound eyes.

Like the insects of Earth, most arthromorphs have a pair of mandibles for a mouth. They usually have four or six limbs, although many, many more are not uncommon, such as in the mantipede lineage. In layman's terms, the Arthromorphs can be considered as Vuunega's answer to Earth's arthropods. Some of the most well-known arthromorphs are the Stallops (fulfilling the insect niche), Flash Shrymp (fulfilling the crustacean niche), Spinsters (fulfilling the arachnid niche), and the Zandipedes (fulfilling the myriapod niche).

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