Bryders are a race of space faring merchants, indigenous to an unspecified planet. Despite their carnivorous nature, they are in fact surprisingly pleasant individuals. Their "empire" is known as the Great Trade Organization, and while
the Bryders are willing to allow other species into this organization, the Bryders themselves still make up the majority of the affiliation.Nothing means more to a Bryder than the art of the sale. While certainly a capitalist species, their culture has been defined by an advanced yet simplistic bartering system. Interestingly, it is not the overall amount of cash that raises an individual through the "sale classes" of their society, but instead how well they are at selling items, including bartering skills and ability to give the consumers amazing deals.Bryders are very weakly territorial due to their carnivorous nature but their equally passive and peaceful culture causes this to never end in violence, or little more than a pleasant discussion when two Bryder merchants discover that they work close to one another. Even with this, they often do research to make sure they are not in operation within the same ships and the like. Because of their merchant culture and their trustworthy nature as they only wish to sample their wares, they are not picky in which affiliations they operate in, and therefore can be found in any affiliation that is not prejudice against other species. As such they are found in such a variety of affiliations as The Iskian Empire, the Space Pirates groups the Crux and the Scourge, the Zolacian Liberation Front; however, this is not the limit of the affiliations Bryder merchants are found working amongst by any means.
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