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Boko Baba
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Boko Babas are carnivorous plants related to, if not directly evolved from, Deku Babas. They are found inhabiting both Forest Haven and the Forbidden Woods along the Great Sea over the former kingdom of Hyrule. They are obviously ambush predators, disguising themselves as harmless Baba Buds in everything but coloration but when they sense a potential victim step close enough, they will suddenly spring out to reveal a monstrous head full of sharp thorns, which take the place of teeth, and a large, purple-tipped yellow tongue dripping with purple saliva. A wary adventurer can distinguish Boko Babas and Baba Buds from one another simply by determining their coloration: Boko Babas are red and dark purple in hue, whereas Baba Buds are lighter shades of purple. Boko Babas also have what may either be a set of four eyes or simply markings that appear as such on their head, as well.

Boko Babas have three methods of attack; biting, headbutting, and, after licking their "lips", attempting to swallow their victim whole. The latter attack method is less effective on Link, Hero of Wind due to his size, and he will only be chewed a few times before being spat out. He can also use a Spin Attack to escape this attack more quickly. A Boko Baba can be stunned with either multiple strikes with a sword in quick succession, a blow from the Hookshot, or a blast of wind with the Deku Leaf, which will reveal its tender stem temporarily. Before the Boko Baba returns back to a defensive position, it can be killed by severing its stem with either a sword or the boomerang, the latter of which is more effective as it kills the plant instantly with no stunning techniques involved. Killing a Boko Baba leaves behind a Boko Stick and possibly a Boko Baba Seed, while certain ones will revert to Baba Buds, indicating that the two plants may actually be one species.

Should an adventurer run low on magic, they can use Boko Babas to replenish it.

Additionally, Kalle Demos, a massive plant inhabiting the center of the Forbidden Woods, appears to be a Boko Baba with a giant bud and several tentacle-like roots, likely indicating that it is simply an old growth.


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