This popular bioweapon is designed to gestate and launch deadly, living projectiles from a mounted position. 
  • Biology

With multiple sets of self-fertilizing reproductive sacs, a Blastercyst may be pregnant with dozens of ravenous, blind larvoids at any given moment, suspending them in a sopoforic nutrient jelly lest they consume their own parent from within. When viable prey draws within range, the Blastercyst takes aim with its powerful multifaceted eyes, builds incredible pressure in its brooding tube and fires off one or more of its offspring with deadly precision and force. The hungry larvoids are dangerous enough as they gnaw with blinding speed through soft tissues, and further gorge themselves until they bloat and explode with even deadlier force. The Blastercyst feeds primarily on a high volume of small insects attracted to its luminescence and sweet aroma. Reproduction involves the generation of larger, non-explosive larva, which undergoes a molt into a juvenile Blastercyst following its first meal. 

  • Behavior

Engineered strictly as a weapon, the Blastercyst fears little and shuts out distractions as it scans its territory for undesired interlopers with a calm, professional demeanor. When its "ammunition" is expended, it contracts into a tight, dense pod and spends several days in hibernation as it replenishes its brood. A Blastercyst hates having "walk," but may do so by looping from its sucker-tipped toes to its mouth. 

  • Reproduction

the Blastercyst is a biological cannon capable of generating and firing flesh-eating, explosive larvae. 

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