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Baalgar (Doom)
General Information
Universe DOOM
Classification Baalgarus maximus
Species Type Demon
Homeworld Hell
Biological Information
Lineage Information
Cultural Information
Sociocultral characteristics
Scientific Taxonomy
Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Animalia
Subkingdom Faunuaspiritia
Phylum Maiora
Class Demonia
Order Demonica
Family Demonidae
Genus Baalbarus
Species B. maximus
Other Information

The Baalgar is a large demonic brute bipedal in nature originating from Hell, known to be very aggressive and rip and tear anything in it's way.

A notable Baalgar is The Cyberdemon from DOOM (2016). The Baalgar should not to be confused with The Cyberdemon from other DOOMs, or the Harbinger of Doom, they are very different they only share the name in Hell's armies.

The Baalgar is enhanced with cybernetics including an arm with flame-thrower and missile features that originated from the UAC. The demon was released into the Lazarus Labs when Olivia Pierce released the demons who were held captive there, there it rampaged until it was slayed.

The Doom Slayer battled and defeated it twice even though the species was actually very thick in body mass and very brutish, also being armored with a Keratin-like materia, and having greater endurance and strength making it fit to call them Hell Lieutenants.


The Baalgar is equipped with cybernetic enhancements like a cybernetic arm-cannon with missiles and a flamethrower. It has a layer of keratin-like armor. The Baalgar has two mandibles on the bottom jaw, making it seem a bit more ferocious-looking. The noticeable attribute of the Baalgar demon is its large curved horns, which are very ridged and sharp. There is no question that the Baalgar demons are Shadow Lords in the Hiearchy of Hell (It would be considered Hell Royalty)[]