Atomic Sludge
Atomic Sludge
General Information
Universe Breath of Fire
Aliases (アトミックグミ, Atomikkugumi)
Atomic Gumi
Environment Island of Giants
Biological Information
Feeding Behavior Consumer (presumed)
Distinctive Features Gargantuan in size
Eye Color Orange
Lineage Information
Subspecies Black Goo, Champion Sludge, Eye Goo, Eye Sludge, Flue Goo, Goo Count, Goo King, Goo Nurse, Goo Titan, Gooey, King Sludge, Mage Goo, Morph Goo, Pepshun, Puff Goo
Related Species Goo Crystal, Goo Element, Goo Plasma, Goo Prism, Goo Ruby, Goo Sapphire, Ice Goo, Lightning Goo
Cultural Information
Sociocultral characteristics
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet The World
Domain Eukaryota (Complex organisms)
Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Subkingdom Eumetazoa (Tissues into germ layers)
Phylum Placozoa (Placozoans — Trichoplax and their relatives)
Class Amorphia (Amorphs) (Somarinoa, 2015)
Superorder Pseudosolidus (Translucent Amorphs) (Somarinoa, 2015)
Order Anmando "No to chew" (Mouthless Amorphs) (Somarinoa, 2015)
Family Organonpendere "Organs to hang over one's head" (Blobs with organs outside the main body) (Somarinoa, 2015)
Genus Bonzenops (Eye Goos) (Somarinoa, 2015)
Species atomikkugumi (Somarinoa, 2020)
Other Information

Atomic Sludges (often shortened to A.Sludge) is a species of large Eye Goo endemic to the Island of Giants on The World. Adventures occasionally attack them in order to claim extract and Vanilla Extract from their corpses. They are so large that they cause localized microquakes.

Similar to other Eye Goos, they are most notable for their rubbery bodies, which their two large eyes bounce off of the top of. It is unknown how they keep these eyes from ricocheting off the body should they move about while they bounce, nor how they actually receive information from said organs.


  • Breath of Fire II (First appearance)
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