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A circular phylogenetic tree showing branches with at least 500 species associated with them. (

You can check out the wikia's guidelines here. (Updated April 1, 2021)

Welcome to All Species Wiki, where all organisms, whether existing in real life, from some media universe such as a video game or movie, aliens of all types or even user contributions are allowed!

Using pseudoscience, we try to connect all species together as if they could fit into the typical scientific classifications found here on Earth.

In general, if multiple species have conflicting names and a page already exists for one of these, that original page will be moved (an example would be moving, say, an article called "Blob," about the blob from The Blob, to "Blob (The Blob 1988)") while converting the original page into a disambiguation page instead. The staff are ready, willing and able to perform this task for you, although if you choose to do it yourself please remember to repress redirects. Another thing if some species have indiviual like Drake's Dragonite who is different from his own kind also included here.

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