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Abyssal Zharkulan MS Sprite.gif
Abyssal Zharkulan
Creator Somarinoa
Homeworld Zharkul
Average Length Unspecified
Average Lifespan Unspecified
Locomotion Land: Bipedal
Water: Powerful swimming
Organization Solitary
Personality Vicious and cunning
Languages Land: Vocal chords
Water: Bioluminescence
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Abyssal Zharkulans are incredibly violent sapients of planet Zharkul, even more so then their violently-minded Zharkulan cousins. While most Zharkulans followed the Grand Zharkulans at controlling their violent nature around other sentients upon their discovery, the Abyssal Zharkulans remained a notable exception, and they violently engaged the other races of the universe. In response, the other Zharkulans imprisoned the Abyssal Zharkulans on Zharkul in order to prevent an unnessary tragedy. Perpetually furious that this was done to them and now incapable of ever exploring the stars due to the combined might of their less-violently-minded brethren.

During a raid on the planet Zharkul, a Crux force managed to locate and free a powerful and deadly Zharkulan prisoner that had been placed in a maximum security internment penitentiary deep within a seamount at the bottom of the ocean. This prisoner, an Abyssal Zharkulan named Transpose, would escape and wreak havoc across the planet, though when the Crux forces were eventually pushed back by the combined ferocity of the many Zharkulan species, Transpose fled aboard a large pirate vessel. For several years he violently rose through the ranks of the Crux until he became one of Seikrabh's most trusted and respected members. Despite this, Transpose would come to strike out on his own, forming the Scourge, a smaller but almost equally dangerous group of pirates that worked on different principals from the Crux, and focused on uplifting and converting new races to the lifestyle instead of infiltrating spacefaring culture worlds and corrupting individuals within. He eventually plans to free his kind to wreak havoc on the galaxy at large, but not until he has assured his own safe place in the stars — he does not wish to free his kin, only to be assassinated by another Abyssal Zharkulan who wishes to hold his position as leader of a space pirate band.

Some Abyssal Zharkulans have been exposed to the Chaos Legions' Hyper Evolutionary Virus, which transforms them in to Darktooths. These abominations are surprisingly even more violent then regular Abyssal Zharkulans, much to horror of other sapient races.

Notable Abyssal Zharkulan[]

  • Transpose: Founder and current leader of Scourge Space Piracy.


Major Allies[]

While certainly allies towards eventually breaking the species free of their bonds, these races currently have no interaction with any Abyssal Zharkulan other than Lord Transpose, and the imprisoned Abyssal Zharkulans have no idea that these races are working towards (eventually) freeing them.

  • Avin
  • Olostrum
  • Phoid
  • Savpraxx
  • Sectyd
  • Stralk
  • Zaryn


Major Enemies[]

Minor Enemies[]

  • Wygonakan