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Aboleth 1e.jpg
General Information
Universe Dungeons & Dragons
Species Type Hgfish
Homeworld Far Realm, Sea of Fallen Stars, The Underdark
Environment Underground
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Biological Information
Reproduction Sexual; gives live birth (presumed)
Average Weight 6,500 lbs (3000 kg)
Average Length 20 ft (6.1 m)
Locomotion Powered swimming
Feeding Behavior Carnivorous
Distinctive Features Possess a racial memory
Eye Color Purple-red
Skin Color Blue-green mottled gray with pinkish-tan belly
Lineage Information
Descendant(s) Illithid (in-universe rumored)
Cultural Information
Alignment Lawful Evil
Personality Extremely cruel
Organization Solitary
Language(s) Aboleth, Aquan, Deep Speech, Undercommon; Telepathy
Capital City The Shape of Water
Leaders Oothoon & The Eldest
Sociocultral characteristics
Members Illuun, Jooran, Oothoon, The Eldest, Yngukulub
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Hell
Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Animalia
Subkingdom Eumetazoa
Infrakingdom Bilateria
Superphylum Deuterostomia (Blastophore becomes anus)
Phylum Chordata
Subphylum Vertebrata
Superclass Cyclostomata (Jawless vertebrates)
Class Myxini ()
Order Myxiniformes
Family Abolethidae (Aboleths) (Somarinoa, 2020)
Other Information
Status Critically endangered

The aboleth is an amphibious creature that dwells in underground lakes and caverns. Intelligent, it hates most land-going life and seeks methods to enslave or destroy the beings of the surface world. The race is extremely long-lived and has collected a great deal of knowledge more ancient than man. It is perhaps better that men do not know these ancient secrets, for these are rumored to be more horrible and foul than could be thought possible.

An aboleth has a slime covered fish-like body with a large fluke-like tail which propels it through the water. It has a blue-green mottled gray in color with a pinkish tan belly. It has blue-black slime-producing organs on either side. Set in its head are 3 long, slit-like, purple-red eyes, one above the other. Over the eyes are protective ridges. Four 10-foot long tentacles grow from the top of its head, and its toothless mouth is located on the underside. On land, an aboleth pulls its obscene mass about with its 4 tentacles.

In combat the aboleth attacks with its 4 tentacles for 1-6 points of damage each. Any creature struck by its tentacles must save vs. spells or the creature's skin will change into a clear, slimy membrane in 2-5 rounds. This change can be stopped if a cure disease spell is cast on the victim. Once the change is complete, the membrane must be kept damp with cool water or the victim will take 1-12 points of damage each turn because of intense pain. A cure serious wounds spell will change the membrane back to normal skin.

The aboleth is highly intelligent and can create very realistic illusions with audible and visual components if it concentrates and does nothing else. It can also try to enslave other creatures 3 times per day. This ability can be used only against a single creature up to 30 feet away. The victim must save vs. spells or be filled with desire to serve the aboleth. Enslaved creatures will not fight for the aboleth but will attempt to follow any other telepathic commands. If an enslaved character is separated from the aboleth by more than a mile, a new saving throw may be made each day. This charm can be broken by remove curse or dispel magic spells or the death of the enslaving aboleth.

In water, an aboleth will secrete a cloud of mucus a distance of 1 foot all around its body. Any creature drawn into the mucus must save vs. poison or it will inhale the stuff and be unable to breathe air, suffocating in 2-12 rounds if it tries to breathe. However, the aboleth uses its mucus to give its slaves the power to breathe water. Thus, its slaves will have the ability to breath water, as a potion of water breathing, for 1-3 hours. The mucus may be dissolved by soap or wine.

There are reports of huge underwater cities built by the aboleths those they enslaved. But these reports, along with the stories of their vast stores of knowledge, have never been proven.