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ƎNA in her positive mood.

ƎNA is a humanoid girl with a tendency for being dragged into tomfoolery with her friend Moony. ƎNA's body is bifurcated into a blocky, blue half, and a smooth yellow half.

This is representative of her mood swings. Dominance of her blue side causes her to become pessimistic and self loathing, and suffer from severe rhotacism. However, her yellow side eloquently speaks from a masculine voice. There are more extreme forms of her, such as the tantruming white/blue one, the drunken white/yellow one, the demon forms, and the catatonic gray one. While her bodily and linguistic language may change depending on the form, her other actions remain the same between moods.

She doesn't seem to be fully socialized as an inhabitant of her plane, and is frequently labelled a simpleton. Her opinion on this state varies. Her blue moods agree that she's not an intelligent person, while her yellow ones prefer to question the internal logic of the world. Despite her apparent ignorance, she is competent at using persuasion to overcome the incomprehensible customs of others.


  • ƎNA's character design is based on Pablo Picasso's Girl before a Mirror.
  • The motions of ƎNA's "talksprites" are modelled after the music video for Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads.
  • The conventions of her mood swings broke down in the season 1 finale, Temptation Stairway, where both sides used masculine and feminine voices, and her blue aspect was removed at the end. This is probably permanent.